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The TL;DR is that NPR & NASA have posited that civilization may be on the brink of a collapse. Based on evidence that previous “empires” fell asunder when wants exceeded haves and the haves forgot about the shares and gives.

While I agree this is a truth on a smaller scale as the haves take their money/stuff and run when things start to crumble, look at mini-empires like Detroit, but as a whole, isn’t the world too interconnected to fail like Rome or the Maya?

The haves of society haven’t changed much in the millennia, and I rather doubt they ever will, but the have-nots actually have in a couple ways namely literacy/access to information & the idea that the haves should not be allowed to stomp on us. That partnered with a global web and religiosity tempering itself I’m inclined to think we are headed for change but it may be unlike any seen in history.

— 1 month ago